Friday, 7 January 2011

Good news for people who love bad news


Now that it's no longer 2 in the morning I'm going to expand and have a little natter about my project and what an earth is going on in my life!
I've almost finished my book on 'How the birds keep warm in winter' which you have probably seen a lot more of on my flickr then you have on here (sorry about that.)
However I'm now working hard on my RCC which is basically a drawn version of dissertation. I have chosen to do this because I'm extremely stupid, fancy having my work ambiguously marked and also because the idea really excited me. After I got back from India getting back into work straight away while trying to adjust to everything around me was a real challenge and there were quite a few other issue's that I had to try and resolve during the making of my bird book.
Although my RCC is autobiographical, theres a little boy telling my story and it's full of metaphors and little penguins that have crossed over from my bird book :)
Christmas break has left me with lots to do, and my creative new years resolutions are hanging over my head too. I want to get a proper website set up, and start selling some of my work as prints :) All in good time my dears!
I should get back to work but I'll leave you with an image I'm toying around with. It depicts the boy holding the Bird book, finally! :)

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