Monday, 30 March 2009

susie templeton :)

Just a quick one but i found a couple of interviews...The first is with Susie Templeton who's work i love so i thought i need put it up here, and the second is from the person who made all the tiny knitted garments for Coraline :)

Promise to post some work up sooooon! xx

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Final photoshop image :)

I wanted this image to have a really handmade feel to it. I scanned in my own sewn bird (yey!) and those are my own doodles and even the trees are hand drawn and then i used the graphics tablet to sketch over them in photoshop so i think the crafty feeling comes across quite nicely. I'm not sure i like this image as much as i should but it will do :)

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Final illustrator image :)

(click on image to enlarge and get a better quality)

Righty ho, think it's probably about time i explained what was going on with all these computer based images popping up on here...Basically we had been set a digital media project in uni, and we have to produce two images from it, one using illustrator (a vector) and one using photoshop (a raster,) the images have to be based on a song lyric of our choice. I used a Bright Eyes song lyric 'Your the yellow bird that I've been searching for.' In the album version of the song the lyric is slightly different, but i choose to pull mine out of the live version of the song where he changes it slightly :)
As you can see i haven't posted up all of my tests because some of them are just plain disgraceful, but i have posted a few and both of my final images will be posted up.In fact, this post has my final vector image in.
What i really want from my images is for them to be accessible by audiences of any age range and for my lyric to be pretty obvious, because it'd be nice to have the option for it not to be incorporated into the image and still have it understood.
I found this image really challenging to make to be honest. I'd never used Illustrator before and I was too used to using photoshop so it really threw me. So i spent quite a while and many ugly images trying to pick it up and it has to be said that for a while i really disliked the program, but eventually i got the hang of it, and I'm going to be really upset when my trail version runs out.....I kinda like it now...:)
ANYWAY I am rambling abit now, I wanted my image to have a Charles Harper feel because i really admire his work hence why i added in all those background lines and had i had more time i would of done some more hand drawn illustration over the leaves because they aren't looking that great as they are now. Maybe sometime in the future :)

Monday, 23 March 2009

another idea for my final...

This is a nice concept but i think there are just too flaws in it and i don't like it enough to go back and amend them all. This was just a test i was doing and i thought it might make a nice alternative option for my final image. So here ya go. :)

Saturday, 21 March 2009

illustrator schtuff

Just a little test, what was nice about this is that all the ink blobs in the background, are actually my lyric typed out and i messed around with the brushes and sizes and made the background that way :)

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

It's in the hat

A little bit batterd but now in his hat :) One finished mock up!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

a little research.

Well I've been doing some research, or just being geeky, you can pick ^^ and I've come across a lot of new artists and stuff actually! However there are two things I'd like to post up here, providing my Internet isn't going to act the goat like it has been all night! (Makes research a tad harder than it needs to be if you know what I'm saying!)
First of all was this lovely little animation.. The style is quite simple and even crude, but I quite like it, i think it looks very sweet, but most of all i love how in just over a minuet such emotion can be conjured up from the viewer, this just shows you don't need a huge storyline and crazy character backgrounds, it just showed me that simple is effective and often best!

See, it's got such charm! ^^

And then next of all... A film I'm very excited about seeing is 'Coraline' and i found a lovely website with some model shots, which i just have to post up, for inspiration!!

illustrator... again!

Another attempt at Illustrator, this time with the aim of making my work look alot like Charley Harper's so that i could try and make something a bit less ugly! (His work is AMAZING.)

Obviously this is still a very simple image, but it works alot better than the ones i did yesterday :)

Monday, 9 March 2009

Just for kicks

OH and look, I made a little mock up of my character :) He's a magician's bunny so he'd be sat in a hat, hence why he has no feet. He also has a little weight problem. Hehe

illustrator... :)

Well, hello again. After many cups of strong tea and failed attempts, here are two very simple images i made using illustrator...Neither are relevant to my project yet, just me playing around. I have picked up quite a few new things and will put these to better use soon. Just thought I'd best post these up, showing progress and all that lark.
It must be said, I honestly do not know how I have lived my life without a graphics tablet! I really have to buy one, it would of made my college project so much easier and just EVERYTHING would of been different if I had owned one. Guess what I'm getting with my next loan? ;)
Anyway, here are those images...

As i said before, very simple and its just me trying to learn the program :)
I'm just trying to think whats new to type about...hmmm....OH! We have the flatpack festival up in Birmingham this weekend, so I'm going to be going to the event 'unpacked' on Friday and then all the free ones on Saturday, hurrah! So I'm quite looking forward to that!
I went to a talk actually last Wednesday that was part of the flatpack, and it was contemplating the idea that in the future animation will have a large platform on mobile phones, and so it should be considered most of the time through storyboarding and such methods how animation would look on both a small and large screen. The talk itself was interesting and insightful and pulled up a few key points for me, but i just can't see the idea flying in all honesty, until all phones operate using the same downloading systems and such (like when we all finally give in to Iphone's) it just isn't a viable concept because of the hassle of making it available over every system and model of phones. Theres just too many and it seems like alot of hassle when people would rather sit and watch it on DVD or even just on their computer.
Just my opinion at the minuet though, I'm open minded on the subject. :)

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Charcter designs....

I've not really got a lot I'm willing to put up here yet because its in such a raw state, so I'll post you a grumpy bear. My designs have changed since this, but i didn't want him to feel too left out :)

And then there's a grumpy bulldog that is once again just a preliminary idea that i dismissed as being too expected.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Golly Gosh!

Well it seems i have neglected my poor blog, so i do apologise, just been so backed up with work and whatnot that i haven't thought!
You'll be pleased to know I've had quite a good day thought! I found out this morning that after i spent all of last night joining twitter to see what all the hype was about i wasn't to be dissapointed...Hold on, before you judge and let me explain....If you included anything to do with 'Skittles' in your update you made it onto the 'Skittles' homepage! Which as you can guess is '' so of course this HAD to be done. :) (see image above)
And then you'd better believe we went one step further, oh yes, me and Becky embraced the fact we are animation students that deserve to have a laugh :) So we threw in a little stop motion action.....