Tuesday, 10 March 2009

a little research.

Well I've been doing some research, or just being geeky, you can pick ^^ and I've come across a lot of new artists and stuff actually! However there are two things I'd like to post up here, providing my Internet isn't going to act the goat like it has been all night! (Makes research a tad harder than it needs to be if you know what I'm saying!)
First of all was this lovely little animation.. The style is quite simple and even crude, but I quite like it, i think it looks very sweet, but most of all i love how in just over a minuet such emotion can be conjured up from the viewer, this just shows you don't need a huge storyline and crazy character backgrounds, it just showed me that simple is effective and often best!

See, it's got such charm! ^^

And then next of all... A film I'm very excited about seeing is 'Coraline' and i found a lovely website with some model shots, which i just have to post up, for inspiration!!

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