Monday, 9 March 2009

illustrator... :)

Well, hello again. After many cups of strong tea and failed attempts, here are two very simple images i made using illustrator...Neither are relevant to my project yet, just me playing around. I have picked up quite a few new things and will put these to better use soon. Just thought I'd best post these up, showing progress and all that lark.
It must be said, I honestly do not know how I have lived my life without a graphics tablet! I really have to buy one, it would of made my college project so much easier and just EVERYTHING would of been different if I had owned one. Guess what I'm getting with my next loan? ;)
Anyway, here are those images...

As i said before, very simple and its just me trying to learn the program :)
I'm just trying to think whats new to type about...hmmm....OH! We have the flatpack festival up in Birmingham this weekend, so I'm going to be going to the event 'unpacked' on Friday and then all the free ones on Saturday, hurrah! So I'm quite looking forward to that!
I went to a talk actually last Wednesday that was part of the flatpack, and it was contemplating the idea that in the future animation will have a large platform on mobile phones, and so it should be considered most of the time through storyboarding and such methods how animation would look on both a small and large screen. The talk itself was interesting and insightful and pulled up a few key points for me, but i just can't see the idea flying in all honesty, until all phones operate using the same downloading systems and such (like when we all finally give in to Iphone's) it just isn't a viable concept because of the hassle of making it available over every system and model of phones. Theres just too many and it seems like alot of hassle when people would rather sit and watch it on DVD or even just on their computer.
Just my opinion at the minuet though, I'm open minded on the subject. :)

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