Monday, 2 March 2009

Golly Gosh!

Well it seems i have neglected my poor blog, so i do apologise, just been so backed up with work and whatnot that i haven't thought!
You'll be pleased to know I've had quite a good day thought! I found out this morning that after i spent all of last night joining twitter to see what all the hype was about i wasn't to be dissapointed...Hold on, before you judge and let me explain....If you included anything to do with 'Skittles' in your update you made it onto the 'Skittles' homepage! Which as you can guess is '' so of course this HAD to be done. :) (see image above)
And then you'd better believe we went one step further, oh yes, me and Becky embraced the fact we are animation students that deserve to have a laugh :) So we threw in a little stop motion action.....

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