Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Final illustrator image :)

(click on image to enlarge and get a better quality)

Righty ho, think it's probably about time i explained what was going on with all these computer based images popping up on here...Basically we had been set a digital media project in uni, and we have to produce two images from it, one using illustrator (a vector) and one using photoshop (a raster,) the images have to be based on a song lyric of our choice. I used a Bright Eyes song lyric 'Your the yellow bird that I've been searching for.' In the album version of the song the lyric is slightly different, but i choose to pull mine out of the live version of the song where he changes it slightly :)
As you can see i haven't posted up all of my tests because some of them are just plain disgraceful, but i have posted a few and both of my final images will be posted up.In fact, this post has my final vector image in.
What i really want from my images is for them to be accessible by audiences of any age range and for my lyric to be pretty obvious, because it'd be nice to have the option for it not to be incorporated into the image and still have it understood.
I found this image really challenging to make to be honest. I'd never used Illustrator before and I was too used to using photoshop so it really threw me. So i spent quite a while and many ugly images trying to pick it up and it has to be said that for a while i really disliked the program, but eventually i got the hang of it, and I'm going to be really upset when my trail version runs out.....I kinda like it now...:)
ANYWAY I am rambling abit now, I wanted my image to have a Charles Harper feel because i really admire his work hence why i added in all those background lines and had i had more time i would of done some more hand drawn illustration over the leaves because they aren't looking that great as they are now. Maybe sometime in the future :)

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