Saturday, 17 April 2010

I'm going to have a rant.

Right. I'm sorry about this but it's long overdue, however if you would like to skip the rant and go to the good news at the bottom please feel free.

Rant- Ok, so I had strategically planned out my time in order to get things submitted to Macmillan's, and possibly scrape by on professional practice. Then yes- would you believe it- things go tits up. AS PER USUAL. Basically, I was doing my work onto Daler Rowney pastel paper, yes, fair enough? The way I was working was to use ink and then put down pastel and pen ontop of that and you have seen this works from the squirrel and owl I have posted in the past. So I need some slightly bigger paper to do my final pieces on, so i troop down to Birmingham's ONLY art shop, where unfortunately they have discontinued the paper that I have been using, however they stock a different brand of pastel paper, just a slightly different shade. So, slightly put out I purchase about 7 sheets of this pastel paper and just plan to deal with the different shades.
I finish one final piece on a blue pastel paper I had bought previously- all is well- and then go on to create another final piece on the new pastel paper, measure it out correctly, draw in pencil my double page spread and.....Yes you guessed it, the ink's ruin the paper and look terrible and there is no way I can even consider putting pen ontop because if even the base colour isn't right it's going to look damn awful.
Disheartened I convince myself the uni shop will be open, i pay to get into town and of course it is not. So...I'm pretty much screwed for entering Macmillans, its slowed down my flow of work because I've been knocked down from such high hopes I am.
A shitload of work due in, no paper to do it on. Sigh.

Good news. Good news. Yes this is needed, well first and foremost, I've been asked to do the illustrations for the next chapbook which I'm really excited about, also there has come up the opportunity to work with a local band on a music video!! I'm waiting to hear more about this and hopefully will post up more info when I do.

Sorry about the rant earlier!
I'm off to make tea and try to get a grip, haha.

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