Monday, 12 April 2010

A little bit of everything...

When I went to visit my mum last week I managed to get a couple of lovely photos of my little sister :) She was pretty transfixed looking at my nose stud and so in that moment of quiet I caught quite a nice photo of her.
My mum also revealed one of her favorite books and I loved it, it fits in so well with what I've been working on and the way I've been working so I thought I'd blog a few of my photo's of it. It's called 'Zzzz The Book Of Sleep.' A beautiful read, and my little sister loves it too. Hurrah, common ground already!
A huge even of the day was my umbrella though...As I was going to the countryside I was rightfully prepared with my umbrella, but it turns out that they were Christina's favorite thing EVER..And so I lost if for the day....Yes, the entire day.

And to finish off my bog post here's a little sneak preview of a polar bear I've been working on, hehe! :)

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