Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Abit of canadian aniamtion is called for!

Alright then, so, as well as watching 'the secret adventures of tom thumb' last week we then did a very contrasting activity (to stop us all from committing suicide i do believe) which was that we watched some Canadian animation! :)

We watched three short cartoons all of which at a first glance seemed very uncomplicated and had a childish quality to them, and yet, when you actually pay attention to the story line and listen to a few of the jokes, it becomes apparent that these cartoons are a little deeper then what you first thought.
First of all came, 'The big snit' which is described as 'an offbeat parable about marriage, scrabble and nuclear war.' Richard Condie is renowned for his rich, zany and distinctive sense of humour, and this comes through incredibly clear in this short, for example, the couple argue because they are irritated by each others habits which consist of, the lady shaking her eyes, and the bloke sawing the sofa while watching 'sawing for teens' on the T.V!
Next came, 'The cat came back' another short but this time based on a children's song 'And the cat came back' which concerns a gentleman who can't get rid of the extremely cute but destructive yellow cat from his home. Again, extremely quirky and amusing ways to try and get rid of the cat are demonstrated making this another very amusing animation with quite dark undertones, after all, who wants to kill a cute Kittie?
Last of all we watched 'Special delivery' which is probably the best example of the darker undertones demonstrated in Canadian animation, this short used the idea of a narration which I'm a big fan of and it really added to this animation, mainly because the storyline was actually a tad complicated and through the narration we were able to know exactly what each character was thinking and this film really used that well, and actually played out small sequences of the characters thoughts.
The basic upshot of it was - 'The first big mistake Ralph makes is not clearing the snow from the front walk, and his life goes downhill from that point on. By the end of the story, the mailman has fatally slipped on his job, Alice, his wife, doesn't live there anymore, and Ralph resolves to stop worrying--about the body, his wife, and the front walk.' This short was full of humorous twists that i really enjoyed :)

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