Monday, 13 October 2008

righty ho folks

Now then, I'm hoping this will aid my RVJ and I'll keep it regularly updated, but please don't hold me to that! Lets just see how we get along shall we? :)

So, it's Monday the 13Th of October at about half 8.....

Last week we watched a curious animation by the name of 'The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb' as well as being decidedly dark and quite intense this was a great example of some key animation techniques; pixilation, stop motion and replacement animation.
Mainly, i loved the way the pixialtion had such a disturbing effect on the audience. It made the actors seem extremely unnatural and i quite enjoyed the way the facial expressions felt almost jagged after the frames were cut out of live action filming. (yet i have just read that this was achieved by taking lots and lots of pictures!! Could this be true?)
I think a very important aspect the Bolex Brothers used to make this more believable was the way the dialogue of the actors was very short and mainly consisted of grunts and groans.
It was an incredibly well thought out film, the soundtrack was suitably disturbing, the lighting was kept dark and grimy and the characters themselves were quite grotesque....My thoughts on it though was that it was just too long to keep my attention, i didn't enjoy the middle section with the swamp people as much as the first and last sections with the real actors. The fact is that it was originally designed as a ten minuet piece and perhaps it shouldn't of been pushed to just over an hour.
I did really enjoy the way the way that the men who took tom away seemed to have a secret agent feel about their characters, it really reminded me of the two mysterious men used in 'Belleville Rendez-vous' the reason being that in both films they play on the stereotypes, two big men, dressed in black, sunglasses etc! And i think this was really effective in this film, and the fact that we never found out who they were so they retained a very secretive air about them was quite important to this feel.
Link to trailer :)
After watching this film we had a class discussion and i think we were all bought up the same question, 'But what does it mean!?' and I'm quite sure this film has many hidden meanings to be teased out, some alot more apparent then others but one that I'm willing to settle on is that 'bad things happen to good people' because this is a common thing that alot of people think in life (especially when they are feeling a tad bitter!), and all of the good characters in film ended up dying. Yet Neil did say to us, that as animation students we shouldn't be asking 'what does it mean' we need to be asking 'how did they achieve that!?'
I think thats enough typing for today folks! And I'll be back tomorrow with more exciting things believe me. :)

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