Wednesday, 15 October 2008

hand drawn animation :)

So last Thursday we had our first painful experience of hand drawn animation (painful on my poor, weak wrist). And yet after drawing a simple figure for hours on end and then making about 5 seconds of animation that could of been majorly improved i felt extremely proud. It was mega time consuming and even a tad irritating, but i loved it!
I chose to use a face of someone i had drawn while out about at a cafe, which i then exaggerated (and even added abit of colour in my sketchbook too, check me out!)
So in order to do this hand drawn animation i had to make my figure alot simpler and in order to do this i removed the complicated 3/4 view and replaced that with a profile look at the face.
We were set a task of morphing the face into three different expressions, and then looping it back to the original drawing...As i say i found this WAS time consuming and quite challenging.
When i played back my test near the day of the day Neil suggested to me that perhaps it was too subtle, and that i should think about making a more sudden expression at the end. I did attempt this but i didn't have the time to finish hence why i feel it could of gone better - what i did was make the facial expression too different, too quickly (for my liking) and i just needed to do some in-between drawing perhaps to level it out..but, for my first attempt i was still quite proud!
I will upload some stuff asap, my computer is running on windows 2000 so it's not being as co-operative as it could be, naughty naughty.

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