Friday, 24 October 2008

Stop motion

So, last week in stop motion we began the secret art of model making :)

Below are the photos of what i did..basically we had a model a face from one of our simplified drawings and make it two times, with a different expression. This was very time consuming and even abit hard at times, hence why next time i would defiantly make my face less complicated then this, but despite the many obstacles that awaited, i triumphed and emerged with these photos :)

This one here is my favorite :) 'complete shock'

Basically, these are very rough looking, they looked okay in real life but under the camera they appear awfully messy, so i think next time i would spend more time making them appear 'finished' by smoothing them over abit more, and just spending abit more time on them perhaps.

I would of liked to of given the hair another looking at, and I'm not 100% on the second emotion of 'thoughtful' looks like postman pat wanting a kiss to me but maybe I'm wrong! Mind you, for my first ever attempt though i feel they aren't too bad at all and they made me laugh quite alot which is always good.

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