Friday, 14 November 2008

Flip festival huh?

So, we went to the flip festival last week down in Wolverhampton!...unfortunately due to being extremely late i didn't make the Saturday, but i DID in fact make the Friday, which was of course the better of the two days anyway! ;) The weather was a tad dismal at the hour of 6am but it had become a beautiful sunny day by 9am. Completely irrelevant as we were inside all day! :)
First up was the open shorts, which were all quite good, a few more so then others but i have to admit it was the comedy ones that stood out to me most of all :) The first i would like to point out was a short called 'This way up' by Smith and Foulks

Good site for examples of their work.

This was a great piece, and really stood out against alot of the other work, not only for its brilliant animation techniques but also because it had such a great sense of humour behind it, and I'm guessing its no coincidence it was by British directors.

Again, another British piece that stood out was one called 'Mister Gallagher’s Boat' by Chris Sievey & Brian Little. This featured a quite well known Frank Sidebottom and Cardboard Frank.
I found this my personal highlight of the open shorts, simply because the the humour really appealed to me and the style of animation was quite different. For example, one character that made me laugh so much was a man who carried a mirror around with him and refered to his reflection as another person! A key moment for me in this animation was when there was a birdseye veiw of the boat going down the canal and then it tunred into a pinball machine and propelled the boat down the canal.
I thought this was very creative and appealing! :) oh, and heres a little clip!

One short however which i really did not like was 'Milk teeth' by Tibor Banoczki.
Milk Teeth - film clip

The reason being that i thought the experimental aspect was taken too far and really just didn't work at all. They attempted to make a 'weird' animation and instead made one that not many people could understand or see the point of. The storyline wasn't at all gripping and it just didnt appeal to me at all.

There were alot of shorts, and this is just a brief overview of a few that stood out in my personal opinion. What i have learnt however through discussion with my peers afterwards, is that humour works best! :)

To be continued.....

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