Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Susan young

This is an artist i am growing pretty fond of, so i thought I'd give her one of my blog entries and explore her work a little bit.
She's from a little place i like to call BELPER in derbyshire. :)
Which also happens to be my hometown, and one of the main reasons i like her is because not only through many years of hard work has she created her own style, but also because she seems to love colour just as much as i do.

Her favorite medium is apparently big thick brushes with black ink on, quite like Chinese calligraphy and i am currently trying to use bigger and thicker pens, and more blocks of colour in order to try and create similar effects, and the fact is that i am quite enjoying working with these things! They are not easier, which i thought they may of been due to the lack of detail they enforce but in fact harder because of this! :)

This is a beautiful hand drawn line animation, and i just love the way its so obviously ink and how there is smudged ink, blotted ink, lines and shapes all at once in many occasions!

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