Thursday, 13 November 2008

Shall we have a bit of a catch up? :)

Righty ho, short of listing artists i like, should i do that? I think i need to have a small catch up and just fill in a few gaps :)
Sooooo, last week one of the things that we did was to make our first wire models! The correct way to do this is to take a length of wire and twist it so its effectively doubled, the reason being that if you just use wire in single thickness, when you bend it for a characters movement, it decides it will bend back a small bit, and also depending on the thickness, it will probably snap. So the neatest and quickest way to do this was to thread it into a drill and drill it, so that it looks lovely and neat (this way was so much quicker then attempting it by hand) :)
My wire man it turns out didn't look too much like my character design unfortunately, so after a short animation session (and quite playful one) just to get a feel for our wire men and to see how the movement worked on camera we called it a day and i modelled my wire person into an extremely amusing dancing pose which i have included on my character sheet! And the video will be up here soon, promise, but in the meantime here is a photo.

The one on the left with the purple head is mine, and the normal looking one on the right is becky's. :)

And then...let me think, what else did we do? Last week we also discussed how the shape of a character is more important than the actual detail, and Neil proved this by handing us a sheet with blacked out characters on so you could jut see the shape and we identified nearly all of the characters.

SO the message is make the shape memorable and the detail simple!

NEXT post folks could well be the flip festival one, so hold onto your seats :)

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