Saturday, 15 November 2008

Osbert Parker at the flip fest :)

Next up came Osbert Parker, who has some lovely work and ideas! He works using collage, found objects and pictures from books. I was really inspired by some of his more recent work such as 'Film noir' and 'Yours Truly' because he was taking alot of inspiration from old black and white films and working brilliantly with cut-out animation and live action filming. These films have a lovely experimental feel to them and it works beautifully.
These images are from 'Yours Truly';

The film is a
bout a character's burst through yesterday's emulsion to tell the conflicting story of Frank and Charlie who sacrifice their morals to find love as two worlds collide.
It 's made out from
16mm ‘in camera’ reconstructions of photo cut-outs and real objects in miniature environments.

Film Noir;

Film Noir is a mixed media animated adventure. Is created in-camera combining live action with animation, found objects with photo cut-outs that are weaved into a non linear narrative and manipulated into a dark story of romance and psychological tension that unfolds into a cinematic world never seen before.

Parker's Film noir is a pure extract of the best and most characteristic qualities of this classic genre in the history of cinema. This short reveals the genre's most typical methods (shooting, narration, acting) and applies its own creative code (animation, layering and overlapping of image fragments) in order to build a unique noir atmosphere and thrills.

A few points i picked up Parkers talk were these:
He prefers handmade animations- using found materials.
He uses his sketchbook for personal projects away from his clients work.
Look for accidents. :)
See's leaves and things on the floor and turns them into something else.
Influences- Painters such as Picasso. Max Hurst. David Lynch movies.
Makes collage 3D if it appears too flat.


Amanda Horan said...

His films were amazing werent they! I was totally sucked in by the style its amazing!

It was so funny on thursday we were talking about osbert and a few of the guys said they didnt like him and niel almost had a heart attack lol

BSmoutie said...

i'm surprised you managed to write about the films Louise seeing you where ASLEEP throughout them xxx

lovleylouisex said...

i researched them!!! :( I DIDNT MEAN TO FALL ASLEEP...i was tired :(